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Editor's Note: The below bio and picture were provided to the editor via email by the author. The Editor must in good conscience admit that the Chad he remembers looks little if anything like the Chad pictured to the right and that, to his knowledge, Chad does not own a dog.

The Bio

Like most poetry writers, Chad Penderson is an avid weightlifter and wishes he were playing quarterback in the NFL. But a raw deal and a newly carpeted apartment in Fremont, Indiana seems fair compensation. In his poetry, he is dutifully following some of the longest-standing conventions of the genre ... so that he can tear them all down and catch a reader or two by surprise. If that doesn't work, he is on the verge of making a splash in South Bend — and he hopes that he does not die by drowning, no matter how peaceful drowned people seem. His screenplay adaptation of the career of Sha Na Na, "Sha Na Na: We Come From the Streets" is currently in development.



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